Dog training equipment

tunwills Target Mat

Electronic Target mat for Agility contact training-

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FitPAWS k9 Fitbone

Best Seller K9 Fitbone

Price: £65.00

Agiflex Anti-Slip +

A new anti-slip tunnel by Agiflex!

Price from: £110.00

Agiflex Anti-Slip Tunnel

New Anti-slip Agility tunnel from Agiflex Remember our PRICE MATCH PROMISE

Price from: £99.00

AgiFlex Holder Easy

The amateur holder with a width of 50 cm is made of durable material resistant to weather conditions. Perfectly used for trainings when there is a frequent necessity of shifting the tunnel.

Price: £29.00

Agiflex Partly Transparent Anti-Slip Tunnel

The tunnel is made by combining the transparent PVC foil in a thickness of 1 mm.

Price from: £197.00

Agiflex Partly Transparent Standard Tunnel

A new tunnel from Agiflex

Price from: £173.00

AgiFlex Protective Belt

A new way to prevent your dog from hitting other obstacles and injuring itself while in the tunnel.

Price: £63.00

AgiFlex Single Hurdle

The lightweight yet stable design allows the use of the obstacle during official competitions as well as at backyard playgrounds.

Price: £73.00

Agiflex Tunnel Holders NEW

New Tunnel holders from Agiflex

Price: £50.00

AgiFlex tunnel Repair Kit

Repair Kit

Price: £12.00

AgiFlex Weaving Poles

The weaving set includes the galvanized steel base and detachable rigid poles made of polypropylene.

Price from: £190.00

Agility For Starters From Zero To Hero In 101 Exercises

Agility is the fastest growing dog sport and is undoubtedly tremendous fun for both dog and handler! To get to the top takes a huge amount of time, effort and training, so where do you begin if you are thinking about taking up this fast and furious sport with your four legged friend?

Price: £14.95

Ball thrower

Ball Thrower for remote distance training

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Bench Step

The Bench Step - non slip Canine Conditioning Bench

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Dog Walk Combi Mat

Electronic Contact Trainer

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FitPAWS Giant Rocker board

FitPAWS Giant Rocker Board- with replaceable cover

Price: £165.00

FitPAWS Balance Disc Giant and Small NEW

FitPAWS Balance disc Razzleberry

Price from: £29.00

FitPAWS balance pad

FitPAWS Balance pad including training DVD - now in stock

Price: £42.50

FitPAWS Donut Holder

FitPAWS Donut holder-

Price: £18.95