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Working Place or Audit Place

In some instances you may see courses that have both working places and audit places and these are priced differently. A working place gives you access to all instructional videos and course materials as well as direct one to one tuition from the course trainer via your own question and answer forum. You can add video via youtube for comments or ask questions specific to your own needs. The audit place gives you the same access to course materials, classes and videos however you can only review questions and answers asked by working place members and participate in the general forum. Video courses only contain videos and course materials which you can work through at your leisure.

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The online training courses that you are currently able to join are shown below. If you filter by course type you will also be able to see details of courses that you can join and that have previously been run.

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Fitness for the dog agility handler April 19

Trainer: Chris Kerton
Duration: 11 weeks between 29-04-2019 and 15-07-2019
Status: Currently Running

Course Outline

Do you find yourself wanting to be fitter, so you can run your dog(s) more effectively?
Maybe you dont know where or how to start? Dont have much time?
What about 3 programmed sessions a week, all 30 mins or less, all with technical feedback for the equivalent of £5 a week?!?
This 10 week course will improve your fitness, make you healthier, and make you better able to cope with the demands of running your dog.
No equipment needed and it can be completed in your living room. 
Each session has different scaling options, making them suitable for any and all fitness levels.
All it takes is a bit of hard work, persistence and commitment to doing the 3 sessions a week.
No more excuses, now is the time to get fit and sign up.

Platform Class: with Ann Harmes CCFT

Online agility training course showing example of training within the Platform Class: with Ann Harmes CCFT course

Trainer: Ann Harmes
Duration: 6 weeks between 30-05-2019 and 11-07-2019
Status: Currently Running

Course Outline

a 6 week course focussing on a complete and progressive workout for all active dogs using a step bench.

no other equipment required! 

Flexibility, Cavaletti and more

Online agility training course showing example of training within the Flexibility, Cavaletti and more  course

Trainer: Ann Harmes
Duration: 8 weeks between 01-08-2019 and 26-09-2019
Launch: Course starts in 36 day(s), 3 hour(s) and 13 minutes

Course Outline

Flexibility is key foundation work for all canine sports- pairing your strength work with flexibility is key to having a balanced fitness plan with your dog- all dogs can benefit from increased flexibility in daily living too