Online Agility Training Video Tuition Courses

The following online training courses are currently available for you to join. Find out more about the tuition courses and video courses below.

Working Place or Audit Place

In some instances you may see courses that have both working places and audit places and these are priced differently. A working place gives you access to all instructional videos and course materials as well as direct one to one tuition from the course trainer via your own question and answer forum. You can add video via youtube for comments or ask questions specific to your own needs. The audit place gives you the same access to course materials, classes and videos however you can only review questions and answers asked by working place members. Video courses only contain videos and course materials which you can work through at your leisure.

Psoas and Shoulder Injury Prevention

Online agility training course showing example of training within the Psoas and Shoulder Injury Prevention course

Trainer: Bobbie
Duration: 6 weeks between 08-02-2018 and 31-12-2019
Launch: Currently Running

Course Outline

This 6-week course targets progressive exercises to increase muscular strength and tone in the Iliopsoas and Shoulder Muscle Groups.   Bobbie has updated the exercises and information 11/2017. (this class was previously taught at Iliopsoas and Shoulder muscle groups are the top injured muscles in performance dog sports today.   The exercises are designed to reduce the risk of injury, increase balance, core strength, body awareness and over-all performance while increasing stability in the shoulders and lower core muscle groups. Each class will build on the one before helping you to advance and increase the difficulty of each exercise.   Each full body workout plan will be designed to work the shoulders, core and hind limbs so that each plan encourages proper muscle engagement, weight distribution and function.  This class will have brand new exercises and information that can only be found here.   Bobbie has done research and talked with professionals in the field to bring you innovative exercises to decrease the chance of injury.

This class is suitable for beginners as well as those with more experience. Proper positioning for each exercise is vital to maximize the benefits and to be certain you are targeting the proper muscle groups.

  • This is a self guided class  - sign up as an auditor to self guide your way through class
  • If you have questions for the instruction, please email her at  She is available for online consult via zoom (much like Skype).  With online consult you get a written recap and the recording of your lessons.

Positioning of each exercise is important to insure the proper muscle is being strengthened or stretched.

Recommended equipment (not required - substitutions will be suggested): Two FitPaws balance discs the right size for your dog (a K9FITbone can be substituted for one of these), FitPAWS donut and holder or small peanut, rocker board or flat board you can use against a wall, paw pods, and two K9FITbone.   A coupon code for 10% off is offered the first week of class. Instructor help is available for sizing your dog to equipment.

All exercises taught have been reviewed and approved by a professional in the field of Veterinary Rehabilitation Orthopedics or Physical Therapy

Please remember that before starting any exercise program for your dog, he should be seen by a veterinarian to insure the dog has no physical limitations. If your dog has been injured, consult with a physical therapist or rehabilitation expert prior to starting any exercise routine.


Foundation for Canine Fitness

Online agility training course showing example of training within the Foundation for Canine Fitness course

Trainer: Ann Harmes
Duration: 8 weeks between 05-02-2018 and 02-04-2018
Launch: Currently Running

Course Outline

Foundations for CanineFitness - a new online course running for eight weeks: with Ann Harmes Certified Canine Fitness Trainer

Teaching the Key behaviour cues required for good form in Canine Fitness

Introduction to Fitness

Online agility training course showing example of training within the Introduction to Fitness course

Trainer: Chris Kerton
Duration: 9 weeks between 08-01-2018 and 12-03-2018
Launch: Currently Running

Course Outline

"New year, new you"?  Just be a better version of you. Time to make that change you've been promising yourself. This course is the "Introduction to Fitness". Designed to suit ANY fitness level, and will help provide a solid foundation for the type of fitness needed to become a more effective handler in dog agility. Minimal space and equipment is needed to participate. There's no better time to start, kick your new year off the way you mean to carry on.

Puppy online! ( 8 weeks to 6 months)

Online agility training course showing example of training within the Puppy online! ( 8 weeks to 6 months) course

Trainer: Toni Dawkins
Duration: 8 weeks between 08-01-2018 and 05-03-2018
Launch: Currently Running

Course Outline

Pre agility puppy training

all you need before you start your agility 

No equipment used 

Weaving Wizards: Conditioning for Weave Pole Perfection

Online agility training course showing example of training within the Weaving Wizards: Conditioning for Weave Pole Perfection course

Trainer: leslie
Duration: 6 weeks between 02-01-2018 and 27-02-2018
Launch: Currently Running

Course Outline

Whether you are a seasoned agility competitor, just learning the weave poles or have plans to do agility in the future, this class is for you. Weaving Wizards is focused on the conditioning exercises that are specific to building muscle and preparing the body for the stress of weaving. In addition to the exercise, you will also gain a basic knowledge in training techniques and anatomy/physiology principles that are important for canine exercises.