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In some instances you may see courses that have both working places and audit places and these are priced differently. A working place gives you access to all instructional videos and course materials as well as direct one to one tuition from the course trainer via your own question and answer forum. You can add video via youtube for comments or ask questions specific to your own needs. The audit place gives you the same access to course materials, classes and videos however you can only review questions and answers asked by working place members and participate in the general forum. Video courses only contain videos and course materials which you can work through at your leisure.

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Euan Paterson - Running Dogwalk Course Block 16

Trainer: Euan Paterson
Duration: 6 weeks between 28-04-2022 and 16-06-2022
Status: Currently Running

Course Outline

This online course will take you through our process of training a fast and consistent running Dogwalk, from pre-foundation skills through to advanced running Dogwalk sequences.  It's open to anyone regardless of which stage of the process you're at.  If you are starting from scratch we'll give you the correct foundations or if you've already started your training and need help problem solving we can help you with that.  The running Dogwalk can be a tricky thing to train so having the right advice when you need it is essential!! 
PLEASE NOTE : This course runs in rolling 6 week blocks, at the end of the block if you wish to keep access to the content, you need to sign up for the next block.