Hydrotherapy For Dogs at Camddwr Canine

Why Swim with your dog?

Hydrotherapy is developing fast within the UK and abroad! Its benefits are widely recognised by vets and specialists as a valuable part of the rehabilitation process following injury or surgery.

The value of swimming as part of a fitness regime for sporting dogs is well documented and used by many as an integral part of training and maintaining muscle in working and sporting dogs.

Hydrotherapy is considered to be beneficial in the treatment of arthritis, orthopaedic conditions Muscle and ligament injuries and many other types of injuries. It can also help with general fitness and convalescence including valuable exercise for overweight dogs!


Hydrotherapy can aid with the recovery process as follows:

Noggins Story..

I have been involved with dogs all my life and more recently within agility training I discovered the benefits of swimming when my top border collie Noggin The Nog suffered a serious injury during training.

A complete rupture of the biceps tendon brought doubt as to whether this talented Advanced Agility dog would ever compete again! Noggin is also a much-loved pet, and with the help of top specialists from Liverpool Small animal unit, following a period of enforced rest we set about a staged rehabilitation process involving Hydrotherapy and roadwork.

Noggin began swimming three times a week and after six months of intensive therapy he returned to the ring, and at his second outing, won the Knockout competition at Crufts Dog Show! A title he had also held before his injury

Due to our experiences, we know the benefits hydrotherapy can bring not just to the canine athlete but also to any dog following an injury , surgery or purely as fun way of keeping fit!

It is with our experiences in mind that we have now set up the facilities at Camddwr Canine so that more dogs can benefit from this excellent therapy.

Why not ask your vet about the benefits of Hydrotherapy…
then call us to discuss your dogs needs.

Canine Hydrotherapy

Our Facilities

Our pool has been installed specifically for dogs and is 6 x 3 m with a depth of 48inches .  the pool has Access to all sides whilst the dog is in the water, Water is heated to a temperature of 27-30 degrees C and is recessed so that it is totally accessible without the need for lifting and hoist equipment. we also have full ramp access to ensure that all dogs receive maximum benefit from their time in the water.

Any dog that has been receiving treatment from a vet or Specialist will be required to discuss the needs of their dog with their vet prior to booking an appointment.

We are committed to working alongside Vets and specialists in the designing of appropriate treatment plans for dogs following injury or surgery.

An initial assessment of your dogs needs will take place on your first visit, and the therapist will swim with your dog in the water.

Buoyancy aids and harness' are available for use during your session. Safety and Hygiene are important to us,

and we will do our best to ensure a clean and safe environment for your dog,We have a full Ultra Violet sanitization system installed to ensure optimum water safety.

We can also provide advice and information on diet and nutrition and have a range of nutritional supplements available to aid mobility and condition for all dogs.

We also have a range of products which we have specifically selected with the older or recovering dog, to aid access to transport. We also have a superb range of retrieving and training toys for purchase and use in the pool.

Please feel free to ask us about any of these products during your visit.

Please read the Terms and Conditions and treatment consent forms prior to your appointment

(Click here to read them)

We would respectfully request that you bring your dog in a clean condition for their swim, and we reserve the right to request that your dog is showered prior to entering the pool if it is deemed necessary. (This will incur an additional cost)

Drying Facilities are available and we recommend that you use a coat for your dog when travelling home after your swim: (These are  also available for hire/sale)

Many pet Insurance policies now recognise the benefits of Hydrotherapy following injury/surgery of illness and it is worth checking your policy to see if such cover is afforded.

 If your dog is receiving treatment, your vet will need to give permission before your dog can swim with us.

Please Download our client registation form and ask your vet to complete it before your sessions begin. This is important as we will not be able to swim your dog if he is receiving treatment or has an injury without your vets approval .We are committed to working with all practitioners to support a holistic view of rehabilitation. We may want to talk to your vet or specialist prior to swimming to ensure that all their needs are considered.

Where to find us:

Camddwr Canine
Is situated just outside the Village of Llanarmon Yn ial between Ruthin and Mold in North Wales CH74QX

Contact Ann Harmes for directions and availability of appointments:
01824 780522

Email: Ann Harmes

Session Fees:
Please contact us to discuss our session fees.
Discounts are available for Block bookings

Please ring or send us an email to discuss your individual requirements.