Ruffwear designer gear for dogs

A long standing brand for us – Ruffwear is unique to the outdoor scene and perfect for all those who enjoy an active lifestyle! With a science based approach to product design, Ruffwear put huge amounts of thought in to every detail; how it works, fits and performs – we think you will love this brand as much as we do!

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Gift Voucher

Camddwr Gift Vouchers value 10£ each

Price: £10.00

New Ruffwear Grip Trex Boots

Grip Trex in New Colours.

Price from: £37.50

Ruffwear Aira Jacket

New Ruffwear Aira Jacket, full coverage, waterproof and breathable jacket

Out of Stock

Ruffwear Bark'n Boot Liners

Boot liners, quick-drying, reinforced stitching.

Price: £13.50

RuffWear BaseCamp Bowl

A new stainless steel food and water bowl from Ruffwear. Special Introductory price!!

Out of Stock

RuffWear BaseCamp Matt

Food and water bowl mat made for the Basecamp Bowl!! Special Introductory Price

Out of Stock

RuffWear Beacon

high performance safety light

Out of Stock

Ruffwear Bivy Bota

Travel Water Bowl!

Out of Stock

Ruffwear Bivy Cinch

Meals on the move!

Price: £27.00

RUFFWEAR boot liners (pack of 4)

Ruff Wear Boot Liners!

Price: £12.00

Ruffwear Brush Guard

Chest Protection, Lifting Support

Price: £26.95

Ruffwear Chain Reaction Collar

Limited Cinch, Audible Correction

Price: £24.00

Save £2.95 off RRP

Ruffwear Climate Changer

quick-drying, breathable fleece coat

Price: £59.00

Ruffwear Cloud Chaser

Superb snug comfort ergonomically designed this coat stays in place on the move!

Price: £69.00

Ruffwear Cloud Chaser SALE

Superb snug comfort ergonomically designed this coat stays in place on the move! Soft shell jacket waterproof and breathable with fleece liner.

Out of Stock

RuffWear Commuter Pack

A Rucksack-inspired dog pack that is ideal for urban and outdoor adventures.

Price: £100.00

Save £14.95 off RRP

Ruffwear Crag Collar

Price: £19.00

Save £1.95 off RRP

Ruffwear Double Track Coupler

The Ruffwear Double Track Coupler is a leash adapter that allows easy, tangle-free walking of two dogs.

Out of Stock

Ruffwear Doubleback Harness

Strength-Rated Safety Harness

Price: £124.95


Ruffwear Flat Out Leash - Patterned

Hand-Held, Waist-Worn

Price: £25.99

Save £3.96 off RRP