Ruffwear Dog Gear

Unique Quality Products for Active Dogs from Camddwr Canine

At Camddwr,We have been working with ~Ruffwear for about six years, selected for its styling, durability and functionality- Ruffwear is a brand unique to the outdoor scene, and perfect for dogs and handlers who enjoy an active lifestyle!

What we liked about this brand is there is a genuine science based approach to product design- So much thought has gone into every detail, how it works, how it fits and how it performs- that good enough for us, and we think you will love this brand too!

As a major Ruffwear retailer in the UK, Camddwr Canine has the best product knowledge you can imagine, so you can be assured of an informed, detailed knowledgeable approach to assisting you with your purchase- nothing less than you should expect with good quality dog gear- whether you are a dog sports competitor, or just want to get outdoors and explore with your best friend!
Ruffwear is a  high quality brand and we know that when you are making such a purchase you expect the best- at Camddwr Canine you will be assured a great knowledgeable service, and this is of course backed up by the guarentee from Ruffwear on your new dog gear!

Here at Camddwr, We supply the full range of Ruffwear products, including our best selling swamp cooler (link) Web master harness (link)  Pallisaide pack (link) and Griptrex Boots (link)  We test every product ourselves, so we understand its function, fit and sizing- check here for our unique product reviews and comments too!

We just cant wait for you to ‘Get on the go’ with you and your dog!