Toys for dogs and training

A selection of motivational and interactive toys for dogs of all shapes and sizes for training and for having fun! All our toys are selected for quality and strength and tested by our resident toy tester – Mr. Mole!

Tug E Nuff Ball Bungee Tug

tug E Nuff Interactive Play Toy

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JW Hol-ee Roller X

HOL-EE ROLLER JW Dog Toys have been designed to provide hours of fun.

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Kong Extreme


Price: £10.00

Lotus Ball

Lotus Balls are an excellent toy for food-motivated dogs so that you can throw their reward during your agility training, and trainers around the country have come up with some very innovative ideas for using them to teach contacts, distance skills, and much more!

Price from: £11.90

Plaited tug toy

The plaited tug toy is just 3 pieces of fabric braided together with or without a handle.

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Play Pillows

New from Camddwr Play Pillows - Tough interactive fun!

Price from: £7.50

Ruffwear Lunker Floating Dog Toy

Interactive Floating Throw Toy

Price: £21.95

Tonkas Toys Braided Tuggie

Coloured Fleece Tuggies Great Training Toys!

Price: £5.80

Tuf E Nuff bungee Treat pouches

Brilliant for training, These Treat pouches come in fun colours with a velcro closing pouch

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Tuffy 3-Way Tug Toy

Heavy duty multi-dog tug toy. They'll just LOVE it!

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Tuffy Aligator

Never smile at a crocodile, but you can at this cute aligator toy. Still a tuffy, just a softie at heart.

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Tuffy Blue Junior Gear Ring

Tough toy for the slightly smaller mouth or the smaller dog.

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Tuffy Fire Alien

A strong and durable toy that is soft on the mouth, but tough against teeth.

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Tuffy Green Alien

Tuff Toys for play and training.

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Tuffy Green Alien Ball

Tuff Tuff Tuff - a ball your dog can pick up and carry too :)

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Tuffy Octopus

Adorable and tuff, the Octopus will entertain multiple dogs for hours!

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Tuffy Penguin

TUFFY toys are the World's 'TUFFest' dog toy!

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Tuffy Pig

TUFFY toys are the World's 'TUFFest' dog toy!

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Tuffy Shark

Shark-shaped fun for your dog. Durable and yet gentle on the mouth.

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