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Kong Extreme


Price: £10.00

Lotus Ball

Lotus Balls are an excellent toy for food-motivated dogs so that you can throw their reward during your agility training, and trainers around the country have come up with some very innovative ideas for using them to teach contacts, distance skills, and much more!

Price from: £11.90

Running belt

Hurtta Pro running belt

Price: £30.00

Standard Tunnel

New product from Agiflex!!

Price from: £100.00

Torus Dog Water Reservoir Bowl

A new way of making sure your pets drink fresh, clean water all the time.

Price from: £30.00

Torus Water Filter Replacements

A pack of five water filter replacements.

Price: £12.99

Treat and Train Remote

Hand-held remote control, which can operate in 4 separate channels and up to 30 meters

Price: £20.00

Treat and Train Remote Reward System

treat and Train (formally Manners Minder) Remote reward trainer

Price: £110.00

Save £25.00 off RRP

Tunwills Target Mat Detector

Detector for Tunwills Target Mat

Price: £80.00

Z Timer Wireless Timing System

High-end Wireless Technology

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