Ball thrower

This is a really great product and a fantastic investement for your training! ~The Ball Thrower can be linked to other products such as the contact mat and the contact board which produces an audiable beep  - when triggered.

The ball thrower can be used with the mats or as a stand alone piece of equipment which will help you teach strong motivation and drive from the contact area, assist with the training of running contacts, improve the issue of timing and bad throwing-

The ball thower will use various balls- including balls with tug handles- and will deliver the reward to the place where you need to reward your dog- easily positioned left /right/ straight on etc- the battery is charged through the mains, so the unit is fully portable with a good battery life.

The audiable beep given off by the unit can also be used as a very effective marker in the same way as a clicker is used.

Mat is sold seperately

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