Tug-e-Nuff training toys for dogs

Unique handmade motivational training toys, Great for training, or just for fun! Made in the UK.

Tug E Nuff Ball Bungee Tug

tug E Nuff Interactive Play Toy

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Braided Fleece Tuggy Lead For Puppies

Interactive Play Toy

Price: £9.00

Play Pillows

New from Camddwr Play Pillows - Tough interactive fun!

Price from: £7.50

Pocket Bungee Sheepskin Ball Tug

Interactive play toy.

Price: £12.10

Tuf E Nuff bungee Treat pouches

Brilliant for training, These Treat pouches come in fun colours with a velcro closing pouch

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tug-e-nuff / wabbit/sheepskin bunjee tug

Tug E Nuff /sheepskin or Wabbit fur bungee Tug toy for interactive reward based training

Price: £13.95