Tonkaz Toyz

Handmade Dog Toys for Tough girls and boys!

Box braid

A single box braid no ball.


Nook Ball Tug

The nook ball tug is a small ball with any of the braids on it.

Price: £10.00

Plaited tug toy

The plaited tug toy is just 3 pieces of fabric braided together with or without a handle.

Price: £5.00

Plaited with ball

This toy is a plaited toy with a ball on the end with or without a handle.

Price: £5.50

Raspberry with handle

A small raspberry with a handle.

Out of Stock

Ring of Fun

The ring of fun is a square or twisted braid toy that has a ball in the centre.

Price: £8.00

Rugga Tugga

The Rugga Tugga is a twisted or square braided toy with a rugby ball with fluff inside it.

Price: £8.00

Tonkas Toys Braided Tuggie

Coloured Fleece Tuggies Great Training Toys!

Price: £5.80

Twist braid

A simple twisted braid no ball.

Price: £5.50