Swit plus

SWIT Plus Blanket

The SWIT+-Dogblanket is a neurobalance system in the form of a dog mat. Due to the different sizes the blanket fits into almost every dog basket or every dog box and due to its handy packing size it is the perfect companion during training, at a tournament, an exhibition or simply at home.

Price from: £440.00

SWIT Plus Dog Jacket

*Please allow 2 weeks for ordering* It is ideally suited to assist you and your dog after a strenuous workout or injury-related regeneration interventions, to help the dog in a turbulent environment and under endogenous stress conditions such as injury, anxiety, or pre-workout or tournament start to bring in top form. In contrast to conventional magnetic field systems and their side effects, SWIT-plus works very gently by supporting your and your dog's body in what it does best: staying in balance!

Price from: £550.00