Pomppa Kevyt (2019)

KevytPomppa is a light overcoat for all year around use. It has same waterbroof outshell as other models Perus and Toppa. But inside is light lining that is quick drying and anti-static. (new for this season)  Lining has soft surface but it’s nicely firm material.

KevytPomppa is a result of long product develompent and answers just for the need of cool rainy and windy but no freezing conditions.


The picture below shows where to take the measurement used in Pomppa size charts. When measuring, the dog needs to be in standing position, back bone as straight as possible. Measurements are taken firmly from the dog. If a dog has thick fur, it should be considered by leaving a bit of space in measurements. 

1. BACK – Measure back length from neck to base of the tail. The starting point in the neck is in the confluence of neck and back columns.

2. NECK – The circumference of the neck is measured from the same point as the beginning of the back measurement. This dimension is only used for JumppaPomppa.

3. CHEST – The circumference of the chest is measured at the widest point of the dog’s chest.

4. WAIST – The circumference of the waist is measured behind the chest from the narrowest point of the dog.













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