Flexiness FitStageWedge


The FitStage is the ideal platform that combines the needs of dog and dog fitness training.

The FitStage is not a mat in the conventional sense, it is stable in itself but not a rigid plate, the surface gives way slightly under load and the FitStage cushions when jumping, which is very easy on the joints.
In combination with other Flexiness®Tools it turns into a ‘wobble platform’ comparable to a wobble board but with the advantage that we don’t use any rigid material like wood or plastic.

The FitStage is light, made of 100% claw-proof and waterproof material, is easy to inflate and is ready for use in seconds. After training, it can be stowed away to save space. The waterproof surface makes it easy to clean and can also be used as a floating platform in pools.

Dogs are enthusiastic about the FitStage, they accept it easily and love to sit or lie on it. This makes the FitStage the ideal place to work with the dog, because where is it better to work concentrated than in a place where you feel comfortable.



Price: £190.00

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