Ultra-salve (Equinat) Advanced First-Aid Ointment


  • Entirely Natural, and Safe for your horse
  • Rapid results for all minor cuts, wounds, sores and abrasions
  • Helps reduce scarring - Even on difficult to heal or old wounds
  • Protects against bacteria and flies
  • Antibacterial & Antifungal
  • Can be used with or without a dressing

Equinat Ultrasalve is a natural and highly effective first aid ointment which works rapidly to heal all minor cuts and wounds. An easy to apply product that provides the optimum environment which encourages natural healing from the inside out to help reduce scarring and promote rapid tissue regeneration including hair regrowth making this product a must have for your horses first aid kit. Also helps to prevent proud flesh building, reduce scarring and conditions the skin.


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