AromaFrog Hoof & Frog Formula

 Powerful but gentle formulation to tackle stubborn bacteria & fungus

NO harsh chemical disinfectants to compromise the hoof’s natural protection

Instant, DEEP penetration into the frog and sole tissues. 

Encourages and stimulates healthy tissue re-growth

Incredibly effective and 100% natural, high-quality ingredients

Silver based for incredible antibacterial & antifungal protection- No more smelly frogs!

Our highly effective product for horses with damaged hooves and smelly frogs is a powerful but gentle antifungal & antibacterial solution that penetrates deep into smelly and damaged tissue. Entirely natural, and highly effective. 
Comes complete with a brush for effective application.

Aromafrog is an incredibly effective and proven formula to maintain and regenerate healthy soles and frogs. This innovative product is entirely natural, with no harsh, abrasive chemicals or detergents maintaining health tissue whilst resolving damage. The Aromafrog is colloidal silver based & contains 100% pure essential oils & herbal extracts which work with the hoof to repair damage while also protecting the healthy tissue. Once applied, the consistency of Aromafrog allows the product to penetrate deep into even the tiniest cracks and crevices to tackle any opportunistic microbes, which have entered and attacked the sensitive underlying structures.

So why is a healthy frog so important?

The frog has two main functions –

1) It acts as a shock absorber – a healthy frog covers up to 25% of the sole, and the soft tissue of the frog decreases the forces and strains placed on the bones and joints of the legs.

2) The frog is often referred to as the ‘second heart’ as a healthy frog assists the circulation by pumping blood back up the leg every time the frog makes contact with the ground. Therefore, a large, healthy frog enhances the circulation.




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