Added: 13th July 2020

New exciting partnership and new exciting products at Camddwr!

Flexiness® Fitness Tools for -  

  • Agility & flexibility

  • Body awareness & balance

  • Muscle building 

  • Team building & concentration

  • Injury prevention

The Flexiness® range is this week's Product of the week with 10% off as an introductory offer.

For this week only get yourself 10% off with our discount code:- FLEX10

valid until Sunday 19th July 2020 

What is Flexiness®?

The Flexiness® brand was launched in 2013 by Katharina Mattioli (certified dog physiotherapist, CCFT, FFT). The goal was and is to develop professional tools for active dog movement/fitness training.

“Flexiness“ is our credo! 

Our brand is a play on words which is composed of the terms: flexibility, Lexi (the Gangwerk mascot) and fitness


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