Camddwr Canine Hydrotherapy Terms and Conditions

Whilst every care is taken for the dogs whilst swimming and in the maintenance of the water and equipment, all dogs will use the facilities entirely at their own risk.

All Hydrotherapy for Dogs must be paid for on the day of attendance.

We reserve the right to charge fees in full if an appointment is broken without 24 hours notice.

Dogs who are undergoing Veterinary attention must provide a signed authorisation from their vet that the dog is fit to swim together with any specific considerations PRIOR to attending for their appointment (Camddwr Canine Form available)

All dogs using the facilities must be vaccinated and proof of current up to date vaccinations will be requested.

Your dog will not be able to swim if it is/has recently suffered a contagious or infectious condition (Please consult your vet and staff at Camddwr if you are unsure.)

Please keep all dogs on a lead whilst on the premises.

Please don’t feed your dog for at least two hours prior to your session, and give your dog an opportunity to empty its bowels prior to its swim.

*A charge of £20.00 has to be made if a dog defecates in the pool it will be necessary to vacate the pool for the rest of the day in order to sanitise and clean the pool.

No responsibility can be taken for any loss or damage to vehicles or personal property howsoever occasioned whilst at Camddwr Canine

Children MUST be supervised at all times and be under strict control .

Please read this document prior to attendance. All clients must agree to abide by the terms and conditions as laid out.

Ann Harmes