The Hurtta Collection

Hurtta products at Camddwr Canine Unique Quality Products for Active Dogs and Handlers!

Here at Camddwr we found Hurtta about five years ago, and with the growth of this fantastic brand remain one of the biggest retailers of Hurtta in the UK.  We couldnt believe how well it fitted into our portfolio of products, and are thrilled to be associated with this company who really know about dogs! Hurtta has something for everyone, and the style and functionality about Hurtta is just truly amazing Each collection is full of  well thought out products that really do fit and work- there is a size for everyone! Hurtta has such a great range of sizes, you can be sure of a great fit- All their products also contain  amazing reflective properties with safety in mind.

Check out our video on the homepage to see some of these great products in action!

Hurtta Pro range

The Hurtta Pro range of dog coats, harness’ leads and collars – A truly functional range for Active Dogs! Their style and fit makes Hurtta our top selling brand- and one which we are very proud to be associated with.  A company that really cares about dogs! Check out our best sellers the Hurtta Pro padded harness and the Hurtta Pro Winter Jacket

Hurtta Motivation

A new and exciting range of products designed for dogs and handlers involved in dog sports, or just those who enjoy the great outdoors! The new Motivation cool coat is amazing, and this long awaited product took the agility market by stom this year! The new motivation treat bags also sold out for us at one of our largest Agility shows this year, and soon to be added a great range of interactive training toys which we cant wait to see!

Hurtta Lifeguard

This new range of flourescent safety products for dogs and handlers pull no punches when it comes to safety! Amazing products, and the pink range has gone truly bonkers for us this summer, with the every increasing ‘pink’ fraternity! We now have pink flyball and agility teams sporting this range!

Hurtta have something for everyone- and their style just keeps growing and growing!