FitPAWS UK Dog Fitness Equipment and Products



Camddwr Canine Ltd are very proud to be partnered with FitPAWS USA. As the UK Distributor for FitPAWS and DogTread products we are very proud to support the growing popularity of Canine Fitness and consider ourselves to be at the forefront of its innovation in the UK.

We have been working with FitPAWS since 2013 providing unique and quality Fitness products for Canine Athletes and supporting Therapeutic practitioners such as vets and physiotherapists and Vets in the providing the very best products for their practices.

So what ‘is’ FitPAWS?

FitPAWS  equipment can be used across the life stages: from puppies for foundation,  healthy  Pets, weight loss,  Canine Athletes across all disciplines, Military and Working Dogs including assistance dogs, and also in rehabilitation with  Canine Physiotherapists, and other specialists to support the rehabilitation and recovery of injured dogs,  Effective conditioning  plans can  have a significant role to play in supporting the development of core strength, balance and stability in sporting dogs- We know that these skills will greatly benefit  the canine athlete, and  the results of this work can be seen to make a significant difference to performance both in terms of  Strength, balance, flexibility,  Mental games, proprioception and  limb awareness.

FitPAWS® Canine Conditioning Equipment is used by sport dog enthusiasts and professional dog trainers for core strengthening, indoor exercise, increased range of motion, flexibility, neuromuscular facilitation, sensory and perceptual stimulation, joint alignment, and balance control. Core strength is a fundamental element used by your dog to control its body when jumping, turning, and running. Helping your dog develop strong core muscles can reduce and prevent injuries.

Canine conditioning is an essential part of any athletes training program, including the performance dog. If your dog participates in sporting or breed competitions, you’ll want to make sure your dog is in prime physical condition. Once on top of the FitPAWS conditioning equipment, your dog’s body will automatically react to the shifting movement, causing your dog to use different muscle groups simultaneously in order to remain upright. Adding this strengthening activity to your dog’s cross-training activities 3-4 times a week, has many benefits, including:

  • Increased trunk and core strength
  • Strengthening the bond with your dog through interactive positive training
  • Stabilization of weak areas
  • Improved balance and proprioception (body awareness)
  • Improved reaction and control
  • Increased range of motion in joints and elongation of the muscles

We also have a range of resources to support the use of FitPAWS equipment including DVD’s and publications brought to you by Canine experts from around the world in a variety of disciplines. We highly recommend their use with the FitPAWS equipment and you will also find a wealth of resources online on the FitPAWS youtube channel if you are looking for inspiration and ideas or visit a certified Canine Fitness Trainer to develop a bespoke fitness plan to assist you and your dogs.

There are also some exciting classes around the country run by a growing number of Certified Canine Fitness Trainers – Why not contact us to book a seminar in your area for your club to learn about the benefit of foundation training in fitness or take a look at our online resources and classroom.

All FitPAWS products are available on our online shop.