4 week Handler Biomechanics Course

Trainer: Corrine
Duration: 4 weeks between 01-06-2020 and 29-06-2021
Launch: Currently Running

Course Details

Each week a new Exercise video will available explaining how to do the Exercise & the muscles working the reasoning behind the exercise educating you on how you can improve your body function by giving you more release & suppleness in the joints & muscles while strengthening your core to support you. A more functional & correct movement pattern means your putting less stress & strain on your joints & muscles while improving your athletic ability.

About Corrine

Hi Everyone Welcome to my profile, my name is Corinne Farinha. I am a Biomechanics Trainer, Level 3 Pilates Teacher & Personal Trainer. I am passionate about helping individuals improve their personal Intrinsic Biomechanics to help them perform better in their chosen sport. Your biomechanics influences every aspect of your physical movement. Restrictions in your Biomechanics or weakness in your muscles & joints means your body compensates in other areas effecting how you move & how you perform. Moving freely, with fluidity, power & stamina will greatly improve how you perform in your dog agility & everyday life. I aim to help you reduce aches & pains, release restrictions, improve your mobility & strengthen your joints muscles & Core through a variety of techniques blended from my Biomechanics, Pilates & Personal Training.


Jodie is a 12 year old, Old English Sheepdog. Unfortunately Jodie has not done dog agility before but I'm sure it Woukd have been something she would have enjoyed in her younger years.

Course Classes