The Mindset for Success - get confident in yourself and your ability in your trainings and competitions

Trainer: Tracy Cole
Duration: 6 weeks between 25-07-2020 and 31-12-2020
Launch: Currently Running

Course Details


Whether you need a confidence boost for trainings or competitions, this course has been created to enable you to:

  • Overcome competition nerves
  • Increase self belief
  • Develop a positive mindset
  • Move away from limiting beliefs
  • Set goals and plans such that they become reality
  • Cope with failure and move on
  • Have a toolkit of strategies for confidence in the competition environment
  • Develop your own bubble

The major themes of the 6 lessons are:

1. Foundations for a positive mindset (how to make small changes in your every day thinking that add up to big changes. The difference that makes the diference; a technique called Hakalau that you can use to be in the moment, in your own bubble)

2. Goal setting that really works (by installing your goals into your mind, your mind will work with you to achieve what you want)

3. Your perceptions are not what you think (let's change your perceptions of you!)

4. Techniques for change - Part 1 (two techniques to get rid of nerves, anxiety and worries)

5. Techniques for change - Part 2 (two more techniques, working at an even deeper level, to eliminate what-ifs and have a means of feeling positive and confident anywhere, anytime)

6.  Remove your limiting beliefs (how to find out and delete your limiting beliefs)

Course Classes

1. Foundations for a positive mindset - (Closed)

In this first class, you will learn:

  • How to loosen up your thinking
  • What is the unconscious mind and why it matters that we know how to make it work for us
  • How to start thinking differently so that you get results, not excuses
  • How to stop going down the rabbit hole of anxiety, nerves or panic by creating your own 'bubble' using a technique called Hakalau

2. Goal setting that works - (Closed)

Goal setting and planning are important requirements for us to move onwards and upwards. Whilst we would think that the mind would know what we're aiming for, the part of the mind ensuring success, the unconscious mind, often has little idea! Here we find out how to make our goals known so that they succeed

3. Your perceptions are not what you think they are! - (Closed)

Our perceptions of ourselves, our abilities and others are actually quite false and somewhat distorted! Have you ever thought someone else was a far better competitor than you, only to find that they had their own anxieties and disappointments?! Our mind filters out so much (positive) information, that what we are left with can be a huge difference to reality. Let's redress this and achieve a more balanced outlook

4. Techniques for change - Part 1 - (Closed)

This class brings you two powerful techniques that work to change how you think - quickly and effectively. The first is to remove the anxiety of anticipation of a planned event - e.g., a competition. The second technique works to eliminate how you react to certain triggers and how you think about competing. Both are easy to learn and quick to practise.

5. Techniques for change - Part 2 - (Closed)

Moving onto two techniques that bring about changes in your thinking at an even deeper level. The first enables you to set up an 'anchor' such that you can feel confident, resourseful and powerfully positive whenever and wherever you need to!

6. Remove your limiting beliefs - (Closed)

Limiting beliefs hamper us all the time! They are sometimes called mental blocks or barriers. They are the type of beliefs that appear real and true to us, but are on fact based on flimsy evidence. They make us feel less than worthy, good enough or deserving of success. Let's remove them using an easy technique and enabling you to feel ready for your next challenges