Euan Paterson’s Online Running Dogwalk

Trainer: Euan Paterson
Duration: 6 weeks between 01-04-2020 and 13-05-2020
Launch: Course starts in 2 day(s), 14 hour(s) and 8 minutes

Course Details

In this course we will be covering -

* the theory of our criteria, understanding what we reward and why

* pre-foundation skills, skills we like our dogs to have before starting the Dogwalk training process

* foundation training.  Creating value and understanding of the behaviour using a target mat

* equipment training.  Step by step training to build up to a full length and full height dog walk

* proofing and trouble shooting 

We understand every dog is different and there is no method which suits every dog.  We can adapt our process to your individual needs and to suit your individual dog.  There are very few dogs who sail through the running Dogwalk training process without encountering any problems, we have lots of experience dealing with lots of problems so we can give you knowledgeable advice and training exercises to help you.

Equipment needed for this course includes:

* A target mat, preferably of non slip material.  I like to use a 30x60 cm mat for the initial stages and for straight Dogwalk exits.  I use a 30x30 cm mat when training tight turns

* A manners minder or treat and train.  It is possible to train without this however we strongly advise using this training tool

* A dogwalk with the ability to set it at different heights.  From a flat plank on the ground, gradually increasing to full height

* A couple of other obstacles eg a jump and tunnel 


This course will be a rolling 6 week block so you can choose to continue every 6 weeks.  

Course Classes

Pre-foundations 1

Introducing the manners minder or treat and train.

Pre-foundations 2


Pre-foundations 3

Drive to dead toy

Pre-foundations 4

Non reward marker 

Pre-foundations 5

Task focus

Pre-foundations 6

Balance and coordination