Contacts problem solving 4 March 2020

Trainer: Toni Dawkins
Duration: 4 weeks between 16-03-2020 and 16-04-2020
Launch: Currently Running

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Intro to running/stops Methods My views

Running contacts Intro to the mat

Video attached 

Running contacts Basic plank training

Video attached

Stopped contacts with toy

Video attached

Stop contacts with paw target

Video attached

Running DW (Turns 1)

Introducing turns for the dw

Running a frame 1

Starting a frame whether new or retrain 

Exit verbals

Adding different pieces of equipment and verbal cues

A frame approaches

A frame Turns


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My thoughts on contacts

Intro to the mat

Basic plank training

My steps for plank training Full session with my young dog. Never post just the good, its a pet hate of mine. Running contacts are not easy, it rakes time and patience but its very rewarding

Turns 1

Introducing turns on the plank

Exit verbals

Adding verbals to exits