Contacts (problem solving) 1

Trainer: Toni dawkind
Duration: 4 weeks between and 03-01-2020
Launch: Currently Running

Course Details

This course will run every four weeks, so you can just re-join if you need more help. I will add some common issues but it will be based on your questions/problems I have taught most methods of running and stopped contacts to all types and heights of dog. On most courses faults happen after contacts Its also the easiest way to take seconds off your course times

Course Classes

Introduction - (Closed)

Intro to running/stops Methods My views

Running contacts Intro to the mat - (Closed)

Video attached

Running contacts Basic plank training - (Closed)

Video attached

Stopped contacts with toy - (Closed)

Video attached

Stop contacts with paw target - (Closed)

Video attached

Running DW (Turns 1) - (Closed)

Introducing turns for the dw

Running a frame 1 - (Closed)

Starting a frame whether new or retrain