Bespoke Canine Fitness Coaching - Private Tuition

Trainer: Ann Harmes
Duration: 8 weeks between 18-03-2020 and 30-09-2021
Launch: Currently Running

Course Details

a total of 8 sessions to suit your own timescale and Fitness levels

Working on specific key areas, improve your dogs strength, Cardio , flexibility and balance using a creative and tailored package of support designed specifically for you and your dog.

suitable for those involved in Dog sports, requiring targeting of specific areas:


About Ann Harmes

My name is Ann Harmes and I am a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer/ and Master Trainer and also the Managing Director of Camdwr Canine Ltd

Here at Camddwr,We host and run many events here at our home in North Wales situated in a beautiful setting with some amazing  training facilities. 

I am very fortunate to have worked with some of the very best practitioners in the world whilst hosting Canine Conditioning Seminars here in the UK including the FitPaWS Master Trainer Live Lab. 

Together with my experience as an agility handler for some 25 years, I am grateful to be able to encompass those skills and knowledge to support canine athletes in their quest for Fitness and injury prevention. 

I hope you can join us!


Batman is my Soulmate and has helped me learn a great deal about training and Conditioning!


Tinkabelle (or fairy) is a mini American Shepherd - and is quite a charachter! Fairy is only 2 years old so just begining her agility journey with me:) a different breed and a new challenge, she makes my heart melt and we laugh alot!

Course Classes