Foundation Fun for agility

Trainer: Connie sellers lane
Duration: 10 weeks between 01-02-2022 and 01-04-2022
Launch: Course starts in 4 day(s), 14 hour(s) and 42 minutes

Course Details

I will cover the play and motivation work we have done before starting any equipment, followed by pre agility flat work exercises which can be completed without access to equipment. Each week will outline the age appropriate skills he is working on, often on single pieces of equipment, so minimum space needed. I will also deliver some short sequences that will encourage speed and drive of our young dogs, there will be course plans available for these sequences.

About Connie sellers lane

My name is Connie Sellers -Lane and i have been competing in agility for last last 18 years. I have completed multiple times at Crufts and Olympia with various dogs. I teach full time in the forest of Dean, I train a range of levels, my true passion lies in foundation training. Positive, reward based training brings out the best in all dogs, this is what we will be using to motivate our dogs on this course.

Course Classes