Advanced Camera Focus Techniques for Agility

Trainer: Sean Cameron
Duration: 1 weeks between 01-02-2021 and 30-03-2021
Launch: Currently Running

Course Details

Sean promises to give away his secrets on focusing for agility. This one off video starts with the theory of auto focusing (how the camera does it) and then goes on to actual, real time usage. Sean covers his camera focus techniques for jumping, tunnel, dog walk and weaves.  Then finishes off with a touch of portraiture.

If you are new to photography this could follow on from his popular six week beginners course. 

About Sean Cameron

I am one of the top Agility Photographers on the show circuit.

The last few years I've been;
Official 2018 / 2019 Media Photographer at Olympia
Official 2019 / 2020 Media Photographer at Crufts
Official 2017 WAO England Team Photographer
The Agility Club Official Event Photographer and my photos appear regularly in The Agility Voice magazine

I'm actually one of the few full-time professional photographers on the circuit, and I also do natural light and studio portraiture.

I'm lucky to have worked with most of the top agility trainers in the country, regularly working at agility camps and training days I was also the official event photographer at over 25 agility events last year including 6 champ shows. 

Somehow I also fit wedding appointments into my dairy too.

Before concentrating on my favourite subject, which is of course dogs, I was a music photographer for some of the top magazines, working at countless concerts and festivals. You can see a selection of my past work on both my website and trade stand.
A few of us remember the days of film, I certainly do, my first photography job was at horse show jumping events and cross country shows back in the eighties. 



Qi is a grade 7 agility Working Sheepdog who is bored of me using him as a photographic model. 


Spryte is a half sister to Qi. One of his brothers took a real shine to a german Shepherd apparently. Spryte was the result. She's big black and hairy but a real sweetie. She's presently grade 6 Agility but prefers scentwork. 


Gizmo is now 14 years old and though I can invite him to model now and then. He gets tired easily and is enjoying his retirement.

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