Kurgo Backseat Bridge

Sometimes your pet just needs a little more open space in your car to feel secure and comfortable while travelling. The Back Seat Bridge does what its names says, and bridges the gap between your front and rear seats, so falling to the floor is never a problem for your dog.

With a few simple attachments this padded bridge connects between seats to extend Fido’s spot, providing the extra comfortable space that they need to have a happy ride. There is a fold down centre barrier that acts as a wall, just in case you stop short, and also a built in cup holder and pocket for organisation.


  • Sturdy, rugged pad to hold even the largest of companions
  • Reversible to match vehicle interiors (Black/Hampton Sand)
  • Waterproof
  • Cup holder and pocket for storage
  • Universal fit

Product Size:
   • Open:  16D x  52W x 1H (recommended for spaces not greater than 13" from back of seat to seat edge)
   • Box: 17L x  17W x 3.5D 

Product Materials:  600d Polyester with TPE Backing

Price: £54.95

How to purchase: Product can only be purchased over the phone or in our shop.