Dog products for travelling and transport

Products for dogs for travelling in the car and for safety, kurgo dog products for transport safety

Kurgo Auto Zip Line and Leash Combo

Allows back and forth plus sit and stand movement, but also provides security for those unexpected driving moments we�d rather not think about.

Price: £23.95

Kurgo Bench Seat Cover

Save your seats with the Kurgo Bench Seat Cover.

Price: £37.95

Kurgo Cargo Cape

Price: £54.95

Kurgo Co Pilot Bucket Seat Cover

Whether it is spilled coffee or muddy footprints, there is always good reason to keep your front seats covered. If you�re like us, you need an everyday seat cover that can withstand the test of time.

Price: £32.95

Kurgo Direct to Seabelt Tether

Simply Click and go

Price: £7.95

Kurgo K9 Courier

Price: £59.95

Kurgo Loft Bench Seat Cover

Dirty dogs are happy dogs, but who really wants dirty car seats

Price: £54.95

Kurgo Loft Duvet Cover

Slip this lightweight quilted cover over any old dog bed to bring new life into your home or travels.

Price from: £37.95

Kurgo Loft Hammock Seat Cover

When riding in the backseat means balancing on all furry fours, this sporty hammock's got you covered

Price: £64.95

Kurgo Seatbelt Tether

More than one car.... Maybe you would like more than one seatbelt loop.

Price: £7.95

Kurgo Swivel Tether

Secure Fido on every trip, in every vehicle, with this heavy-duty seatbelt tether.

Price: £24.95

Petmate Vari Crates

Ideal for travel in the car or secure containment at home. ORDER ONLY

Price from: £42.00