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Design for 2013- Recessed buckles,  Fresh new matierial with greater reflectability and a new shape!

Swamp Cooler (TM)from Ruff Wear

Cooling vest for dogs

A must for dogs who compete in the heat!

We have road tested this garment and its fantastic!

Description: On a warm sunny day, hot dogs will trot for the shade, lie down, and pant the heat away. They need an air-conditionera Swamp Cooler to stay cool, happy and active. Dont get beat by the heat. Outfit your dog in a Swamp Cooler and let the cooling begin.

Use: Beat the heat, staying cool while active: Hiking and biking in the desert, summer walking, playing on the beach, boating on open water under full sun, and backyard play in the sun. Stay cool while also waiting for your turn during outdoor agility trials, dog shows and other events.


- Uses evaporative cooling to keep dogs cool in the heat

- Exchanges the dogs heat with the coolness of the stored water

- Releases the heat as the water evaporates

- Three-Layer construction maximizes cooling effects:o Top air-mesh layer generates evaporation, releasing hea to Middle layer absorbs and stores the cooling water Bottom layer cools the dog

- Light color reflects sunlight and ultraviolet rays for added sun protection

- Auto-lock buckles adjust and hold for a custom fit


:SIZE DOG GIRTH ** (if you need help with sizes measure back length from base of tail to withers and send us a mail

Choose the larger coat for more coverage.

Fit: Designed for comfort and a full range of motion.Colors: ice blue

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If you run in a team,or for a club, why not contact us to register for our club discount scheme for bulk orders

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Price: £45.00

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