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K-9 Overcoat (TM) 
 cold-weather protective outerwear
When venturing outside on a cold morning for a snow shoe adventure or a simple java mission - there are two things you would never fail to do for yourself

1 Layer to protect against the elements
2 Take your four legged friend best friend
Shouldnt said friend be afforded the same protection against the cold?

All-weather protective gear reduces the loss of core body heat (and also protects from brush and burrs).
The K-9 Overcoat features a recycled fleece insulating liner enclosed in a durable, recycled polyester shell.
Approximately 95% of the K-9 Overcoat is made from recycled materials.

The key features and benefits of the K-9 Overcoat are:
Durability, wind-resistance,
and water-resistance

Fleece lined for insulation against the cold
Adjustable for a comfortable fitsize dog girth
XXS 12-19 30-48 cm
XS 17-24 43-61 cm
S 23-30 58-76 cm
M 27-32 69-81 cm
L 31-40 79-102 cm
XL 35-48 89-122 cm

girth: measurement around widest part of rib cage comfort fit: relaxed, generous cut in-between sizes: choose the larger coat for more coverage


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