RuffWear Palisades Backpack for dogs- with hydration packs

Palisades Pack (TM)from Ruff Wear

One remaining pack in the older style with hydrationn packs- Awesome pack in small

Leader of the packs.

+New Style+


What makes a multi-day adventure in your favorite wilderness area even better? Having your best pal at your side, of course. When you and your companion set out, make sure shes as prepared as you are.

The Palisades Pack is built for hard use in rugged conditions and will carry such canine essentials as food, water, bowls, treats, first-aid supplies, and toys.


Use for multi-day backpacking trips and when extra carrying capacity is needed.

* Three key features set this pack apart from other dog packs:

(1) removable saddlebags,

(2) load compression, and

(3) water container 

* Space-efficient saddlebags with lightweight, streamlined, go-fast shape

* Weight-forward saddlebag design for ideal load-carrying position

* Trail-savvy details like waterproof zippers, high-visibility reflective trim, external gear loops, and aluminum Vringleash attachment

* Web Master Harness frame ensures good stability and weight dispersion with a five-point adjustable fit and fullrange of motion

* Designed to rack up the miles with highly durable construction

* Balanced assistance handle helps lift dog up and over obstacles

PERFORMANCE FIT: contoured, athletic cutin-between sizes: Choose the smaller pack for a lighter load and less bulk.

Please do not use saddlebag capacity as your only sizing consideration;

use the girth fit for best results.

Fit: The packs harness should have an all-around snug fit for a stable load and to prevent movement or shifting of thesaddlebags. Be sure that each saddlebag has an equal and balanced load. When fitting the Palisades Pack, remove thesaddle

bags from the harness for easy fitting and adjustment. Then reattach the saddlebags when ready to go

.Colors: red currant (615)

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