Back On Track Physio Ankle Brace

Manufactured using the revolutionary Welltex™ ceramic infused fabric, it reflects your own body heat as FAR Infrared waves and creates a soothing therapeutic warmth (long recognized as an ideal method to improve circulation and reduce inflammation). The robust, elasticised, ribbed fabric provides the Ankle Brace's supportive function and, above the ankle, an adjustable elastic strap is incorporated with Velcro attachments at each end. The band (which is removable, if necessary) allows adjustability, which is practical feature, especially when an injury has caused localised swelling (if the swelling decreases, the strap allows tightening of the garment accordingly).

Please Note: Because the Ankle Brace is made from a material that is thicker than socks, so takes up a little extra space in the wearer's shoes and may, also, mean that, for some users, the edges may become less comfortable during longer periods of use. If you are experiencing problems with your heel, then we would suggest Back on Track® Socks or Shoe Insoles, because the Ankle Brace has an opening in that area. 

Part of the NEW Back on Track® Physio Series, the Back on Track® Human Ankle Brace, Physio is a high-quality brace, which is manufactured using a 4 way stretch variant of the revolutionary Welltex™ ceramic infused fabric. These Braces are breathable, with wicking properties, ideally suited for use before, during and after exercise and their functional design is proving popular with both sportspeople, as well as those looking for improved mobility and well-being.

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