Get Over

Get Over! has been formulated for the very active or more mature dog. For instance, hard working gundogs, agility, flyball or working trials dogs as well as the dogs starting to feel their age and showing signs of stiffness.IngredientsComfrey Leaf, Dandelion, Celery Seed, Nettle, Devils Claw Root, Burdock Root.Get OverOne of our most popular products... We personally use this mix for all of our competing dogs and of course the retired ones too!Ingredients:Comfrey Leaf can help maintain a healthy digestive system.Dandelion acts as a tonic and stimulant.Celery Seed can be helpful for dogs showing signs of stiffness.Nettle can help to stimulate a dogs appetite - acting like a tonic. The powdered form of the common stinging nettle is often used in cases of flaky or scurfy skin conditions and hair loss where bald patches appear. It can also help the hair to grow back!Devils Claw Root is a herb from South Africa that can help to maintain healthy joints - beneficial to dogs showing signs of stiffness. Burdock Root A natural antioxidant - mopping up free radicals.


Price: £16.75