Herbs for working dogs

A range of herbs and remedies for working dogs including magnotherapy products, wraps and braces, herbs for well being and natural remedies. We are on hand to advise so please feel free to email or call us if your not quite sure about what product would suit your dog.

Back On Track Rose Hip Powder

A complimentary feed for dogs

Price: £24.00

Billy No Mates

Billy No mates...helps stop those unwanted passengers! A natural Flea and Tick repellant thats great for the coat too!

Price: £14.75

Calm Down

For the nutritional maintenance of the nervous System

Price: £13.75

Come On

For general wellbeing

Price: £19.75

down boy!

Down Boy New Product to assist in helping to suppress the 'sexual drive' in male dogs and the associated unwanted behaviours

Price: £13.75

Eazey Peazey

For the nutritional maintenance of the Urinary System

Price: £19.75


A totally natural herb mix that has been formulated specifically to encourage dogs to concentrate when training and/or competing.

Price: £16.75

Get Over

For the nutritional maintenance of the Skeletal System.This is a great product for Sporting dogs used a great deal for Agility, flyball and obedience dogs.

Price: £16.75

Go On

For Competing Dogs to support stamina and recovery

Price: £19.75

Gravy Works

New from CSJ Gravy Works!

Price: £13.75


For the nutritional maintenance of the Urinary System

Price: £16.75

Hold It

For dogs with 'leaks'

Price: £13.75

No Ake

Helps with stiffness

Price: £16.75

Phantom Raspberry!

A totally natural product that can help bitches experiencing - or are about to experience - phantom pregnancies.

Price: £13.75


Resist A herbal Product for the support of the immune system

Price: £13.75

Seaweed & Parsley

Aid your dog's oral health

Price from: £19.75


A herbal blend for the maintenance of the nervous system. (250g foil bag)

Price: £16.75

Stroppy Bitch!

A blend of herbs to nutritionally support bitches prone to hormonal temperament problems.

Price: £13.75

Turn Back Thyme

This blend has been formulated with older dogs in mind

Price: £16.75

Yumpro Bio-Active

Yumpro Bio- Active a unique product to support Digestive Health of the dog

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