Gulick Tape

The Gulick II Tape Measure makes it easy for anyone to accurately and repeatably measure various body dimensions. It eliminates the guesswork by applying a known amount of tension (four ounces) to the measuring tape. When used properly, tape tension is always four ounces. Therefore, accurate measurements are possible no matter who is doing the measuring.

If an ordinary tape measure (without the special 4 ounce tension indicator device) is used to measure arm circumference (for example), the measurement will depend on how tightly the tape is pulled. If you pull harder and harder, tissue compression will be greater and greater, and the measure circumference will become smaller and smaller. two consecutive measurements are usually quite different. If two or more people take the same measurement, the results rarely agree. It is clear that only by applyig a constant tension (as the Gulick II does), can accurate and repeatable measurements by taken.


  • Applies a constant 4 ounce tension to the measuring tape
  • Repeatable measurements
  • Measurements are user-independent
  • Fiberglass tape, non stretchm pliable.


Price: £33.00

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