FitPaws training products for agility dogs - Page 2

Gel Pack for FitPAWS k9FitVest

Keep Cool while training

Price: £10.00

Gift Voucher

Camddwr Gift Vouchers value 10�£ each

Price: £10.00

Jimi's Gym

New Jimi's gym!

Price: £80.00

K9FITbed Special Offer!

K9FITbed Special Offer

Price from: £30.00

Klimb Dog Training Platform

The Klimb platform -a lightweight, sturdy versatile and portable dog training table

Price: £199.00

Klimb Safety Plugs

The KLIMB™ Safety Plugs are a great addition to the KLIMB when the legs are not installed. The plugs prevent small legs from going in the holes when the KLIMB is on the ground. This is a great height to introduce small dogs and puppies to the KLIMB.

Price: £10.00

Klimb short feet

The KLIMB Short Leg creates a 6" Height to the KLIMB platform. Half the height of the KLIMB when the regular legs are installed.

Price: £30.00

Klimb Traction Mat

Klimb Traction Mat

New Klimb Traction mat

Price: £39.00

The Cato Board

Place training is a fantastic tool within dog training, and the Cato Board is the perfect piece of equipment for teaching this all-important cue. Safe, elevated, sturdy, and portable. The Cato Board was designed with your dog in mind!

Price: £65.00