Klimb Dog Training Platform

The KLIMB™ was specifically designed to improve the relationship between you and your dog. Having a GREAT relationship with your dog makes them want to please you and makes training much easier! When implementing a KLIMB™ in your dog training, you are taking a big step in investing the time and energy to make a “good dog”.

Where did the concept of the KLIMB™ dog training platform come from? Dog training methods used by professionals often involve a “Place”, “Climb” or “Pause” command. The problem is that many times the command is associated with a mat or dog bed and the dog has a tendency to ‘creep’ out of position. A platform is a more effective training tool than a bed or a mat, as it keeps the dog in position. The platform takes advantage of a dog’s natural tendency to seek a higher vantage point. Being elevated requires more focus and defines boundaries. Most dog training platforms tend to be heavy and bulky to accommodate larger breeds. Or they have a number of parts and require time consuming assembly. Or they’re difficult to clean and cumbersome to transport.

We received input from professional dog trainers throughout the US on their wants and needs in a dog training platform. The KLIMB™ was designed to meet their exacting specifications for a platform that was stable and durable, yet lightweight, easy to transport and completely washable. It is both dog and consumer friendly, without any sharp edges, fully molded from materials that are comfortable and non-threatening. The resulting platform provides true impulse control: inviting and making dogs feel secure on a perch that very quickly becomes “their own”.

While the KLIMB™ is designed as a dog training platform for everything from basic obedience to freestyle training, professional trainers and groomers love the fact that it is expandable (units interlock to form whatever platform size is needed), stackable (when assembled AND for compact storage) and fully self-contained. The legs are easily removed and lock into place flush with the KLIMB’s bottom surface. When it’s time to clean up, the KLIMB™ is waterproof and washes clean with any pet-safe cleaner. That makes it great for grooming, too!

Dog Training Table

The KLIMB™ is a dog training table used to elevate a dog in a “place” that creates a natural barrier without tying down or using a crate. There are many plans available on the Internet to build your own dog training table. Most of the plans involve heavy materials such as plywood, 4×4’s and other metal parts. Some even include tie down bolts or cables to keep the dog on the table.   While these make for sturdy training tables, they are not portable or easily stored.


The KLIMB™ was developed to be a sturdy, lightweight, expandable and portable dog training table. It’s lightweight build and expandability makes it a more versatile option than a permanent wood structure. With multiple KLIMB™ platforms, various dog training table configurations can be created and utilized during training: stacks, linked runways, pyramids and many more! Due to its portability, it’s easy to take several units on a trip or that next hunt. Tie downs or other forms of containment are not necessary on the KLIMB™. Once a dog is trained using KLIMB™ platforms, they recognize that it’s their “place,” they’re comfortable and free of distraction no matter where they are set up. The dog will be focused on the trainer for the “release” command. Use of the KLIMB™ platform reinforces training commands every time it is used.

Dog Training Place Board

Trainers have long used a dog training place board or dog cot for “place” training. They are lightweight and easy to transport. A dog training place board is commonly used as a bed or a safe place for the dog to stay. They are also used in many group dog training classes as a way for the dogs to have their own space to help focus on the training task at hand instead of the dog next to them. The KLIMB™ is very useful in these applications but offers a sturdier platform for dogs to sit and lay on unlike a cot, which may sag or deteriorate over time. It also gives dogs a more solid base to jump off and onto.



In addition to being a great “place” and group dog training tool, The KLIMB™ can be stacked and connected in various configurations making it a much more versatile piece of equipment beyond a dog training place board. When stacked and connected in a pyramid, a trainer can help a dog gain confidence climbing up “stairs” and over other obstacles. Other applications with multiple KLIMB™ units include: over-under courses, tunnels and obstacle courses utilizing other equipment such as FitPAWS.


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