Treat and Train Remote Reward System


Very Excited to bring these amazing remote reward systems to our customers-

Perfect for Runnng contact Training and so much more!

Use positive reinforcement to transform your dog from a jumping, barking, begging nuisance to a calm, polite pooch in just a few short weeks.

Treat & Train is a remote-controlled reward system for training dogs to behave appropriately. By targeting and rewarding desired behavior, you redirect your dog’s focus away from undesired behavior. Just imagine – no more barking at the door, jumping on guests, begging at the dinner table, or hyper-active attention seeking. Instead, you’ll enjoy a more rewarding relationship with a calm, well-mannered companion.

The Kit includes:

  • Hand-held remote control, which can operate in 4 separate channels and allows you to work up to 100 ft, even through walls. You can press to release one treat or press and hold to release treats at set intervals.
  • Target training stick, with a detachable base to teach tricks, heeling and other target behaviours
  • 2 treat dispenser discs for different size kibble or treats
  • Training Manual and DVD, which have all you need to be successful using Manners Minder, with five "games" that can be played at convenient, low-stress times (such as during TV adverts) to progressively teach your dog to be very well behaved: (1) Tone Means a Treat Is Coming; (2) Target with the Nose; (3) Lie Down and Stay; (4) Run to a Rug and Lie Down on Cue; and (5) Lie Down and Stay with Distractions. At that point, you"re ready to practice with visitors coming to the door. Anyone can do this! It"s easy, fun and amazingly effective in a surprisingly short period of time; each "game" takes about five days to complete.
  • Requires 4 D batteries (not included) and the remote control requires a 12-V battery (included)

Around the House

  • Quiet down-stay to use whenever you want it.
  • Owner"s meal time, guests at doors, kids naptime, around other animals, etc.
  • Calm, controlled sit whenever your dog wants something.
  • Enthusiastic and reliable "come".
  • Stress-free crate training.
  • Fun indoor and outdoor exercise with "go to target".
  • Unique tricks such as spin, twist, somersault, etc

Traditional Obedience

  • Go outs.
  • Directional Retrieves
  • Heeling
  • Fast Drop on Recall
  • Down-stay both in and out of sight


  • Control and Focus at the Start Line
  • Go Outs
  • Directionals
  • Contacts
  • Dog Walk, Weave Poles
  • Down-stay on the Pause Table
  • Improve Speed on All Equipment

Service Dogs

  • Train to down-stay under tables, in vehicles, etc

Behaviour Problems

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Barking at the Door or Window.


Price: £110.00

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