Toys for dogs and training - Page 3

Tuffy Aligator

Never smile at a crocodile, but you can at this cute aligator toy. Still a tuffy, just a softie at heart.

Price: £18.00

Tuffy Blue Junior Gear Ring

Tough toy for the slightly smaller mouth or the smaller dog.

Price: £8.00

Tuffy Fire Alien

A strong and durable toy that is soft on the mouth, but tough against teeth.

Price: £17.00

Tuffy Green Alien

Tuff Toys for play and training.

Price: £17.00

Tuffy Green Alien Ball

Tuff Tuff Tuff - a ball your dog can pick up and carry too :)

Price: £12.00

Tuffy Octopus

Adorable and tuff, the Octopus will entertain multiple dogs for hours!

Price: £17.00

Tuffy Penguin

TUFFY toys are the World's 'TUFFest' dog toy!

Price: £17.99

Tuffy Pig

TUFFY toys are the World's 'TUFFest' dog toy!

Price: £17.99

Tuffy Shark

Shark-shaped fun for your dog. Durable and yet gentle on the mouth.

Price: £14.00

Tuffy Starfish

Tuffy Starish

Price: £10.99

Tuffy Ultimate Ring

Strong and durable tug ring for all dogs.

Price: £12.00

Tug E Nuff Crazy thing!

tug E Nuff Crazy thing! Made from strips of fleece fabric soft on the mouth but great fun! With Bungee handle

Price: £11.95

Tug E Nuff Double Handed Sheepskin Bungee Tug

Interactive Play Toy Double handled with sheepskin

Price: £14.35

tug-e-nuff / wabbit/sheepskin bunjee tug

Tug E Nuff /sheepskin or Wabbit fur bungee Tug toy for interactive reward based training

Out of Stock

Tug-e-Nuff Pocket Bungee Faux Fur Tug

Interactive Play Toy

Out of Stock