You StreamZ Ankle Band

The YOU StreamZ Ankle band aims to provide a natural response to a variety of symptoms, by rebalanacing compounds and minerals in the body and helping reduce inflammation and pain.

Users of the bands have reported significant reductions in pain related to a variety of conditions, including arthritis, severe back pain, cramps caused by IBS and migraines. YOU StreamZ bands are non-intrusive and create no known negative effects on the body, unlike some other pain killers ingested in tablet form.


Rebalancing the body to its natural and optimum state, energy levels are naturally increased. This has been reported by the majority of wearers and is down to the natural process in which the body distributes minerals around the body. Notable improvements have been experienced by sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and similar recognised conditions such as ME and Fibromyalgia.


Streaming minerals around the body in a more efficient way provides a vast array of more subtle benefits. Indications are that the natural immune system is boosted when using the YOU StreamZ band, with digestion, skin complexion, and even moods being affected. Users frequently report that their nails and hair become stronger, period pains are reduced, and they feel generally happier.


Users of the YOU StreamZ bands consistently report the positive impact the bands have on injured muscles, aches and pains reducing both recovery time and reoccurrence – a major benefit not just for sportspeople, but for everyone who takes a walk, or cleans a car, or does anything physical.

Product Description

The YOU StreamZ is an one size fits all ankle band, the band is not designed for use on the wrist as results are more impressive when the band is worn against the arterial artery which runs through the ankle.

Streamz-global recommend that the band is worn whilst sleeping as your body is 'in recovery' when you sleep. Wearing the band can be complicated or awkard if you are wearing boots (if you are wearing boots in bed then you need more help than StreamZ can provide.

The YOU StreamZ is sold in single unit quantities and is designed to be worn for a minimum of 8 hours a day although results have been reported as significantly greater when worn 24/7. Streamz-global recommend that the user is well hydrated prior to wearing the band for the first time.

WARNING: Not to be used by anyone with a pacemaker and if you are diabetic please consult your GP before use. (as instructed by UK health regulations)

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