Dog Agility Training Courses

Dog Agility Training Courses at Camddwr Canine Ltd

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Camddwr Membership Scheme

NEW- Camddwr Membership Scheme

Price: £20.00

Foundation For Agility Class New

six week introduction to skills for agility training

Price: £60.00

Jumping Gymnastics with Dr. Leslie Eide

Very Excited that Dr Leslie Eide DVM is going to be presenting her Jumping Gymnastics seminar here in the UK.

Price from: £200.00

Fitpaws Master Trainer

Online Training Foundation for Fitness

8 week course teaching key foundation behaviours for Fitness

Price from: £40.00

Worked Up with Sarah Stremming

Very Excited to announce that Sarah Stremming from the Cognitive Canine is joining us here in the UK!

Price from: £175.00