Cani Pro Active Performance and Recovery Complex 250ml

New Cani Pro Active - Performance and Recovery Complex for Active Dogs

Fuelled for Performance!

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A unique liquid Supplement formulated to support the working dog following training and competing, The combination of Nuckeotides to support cell repair and antioxidants to help protect against the oxidative stress that is often linked to recurrent pathologies including muscular injuries and arthritis. In addition prebiotic fibres add support to the digestive system ensuring the dog can absorb all the nutrients required from the diet.

Following our trials, we found this supplement to work extremely well with dogs competing at top level of Agility We have been thrilled with the feedback - Please read our product page to see this feedback and I have been using the product during the recovery phase of my own dogs' return to the sport.



Antioxidant Complex

Vitamin E


Omega 3 Fatty Acids


Directions for Use

Feed 5 to 25 ml to each animal as required- this is a very paletable supplement  that can be added to the food.

Suitable for use at all times and of particular benefit post injury and in the preparation and fitness work for all Canine Athletes


Price: £8.50