Cani Pro Active Hydration and Recovery 250ml

keeping the Balance- Essential Hydrationb and Recovery Complex for Performance Dogs!

We are so excited to bring this new product range to the Sporting dog arena:

We know that electrolyte imbalance can be caused by a number of factors, most predominantly is the effect of environmental temperatures on respiration rates. The losses of Co2 increase with the increased respiration rate, altering the acid base balance which can alter health and metabolism. Supplementing the diet with a balanced electrolyte helps ensure the acid base balance remains at optimum levels allowing the sporting dog to perform at its peak.

This complex is  suitable for  Active dogs, Competing dogs, older dogs, and those who are under stress which may affect the electrolyte balance significantly.

Here's what people say:

Laura Chudleigh writes: “(his) performance had been clearly down in the heat until he started on Camddwr’s Hydration and Recovery formula. am so pleased I have this to help keep him in top condition for all future eventsI am so pleased I have this to keep him in tip top condition for all future events.”

Judith Doble agrees: "Normally both my dogs will not drink water after training/shows ... but with the hydration and recovery complex added they loved it and I am sure it helped them with the recovery from their hard training in the heat."




Citric Acid




Vitamin B1 B6 B12 Ascorbic Acid.

Directions for use- Dilute 50 - 80 ml per litre of clean drinking water as required, after exercise, long journeys and during hot weather.

each bottle will come with a measuring cap and mixing bottle (1 lire) are also available.

The solution once made up should be used after about 5 days before a fresh solution is re made



Price: £9.99