Equine Hock Brace - Left

The Hock Brace may be used in the treatment of various different problems associated with inflammation in the hock joints. The Hock Brace may be used for injury prevention in order to minimise inflammation of the joints. It has three velcro straps and is available for both left and right legs.

The interior is 50% cotton and 50% polyester fabric infused with ceramic particles, whist the exterior shell is made of neoprene. In order to minimise the risk of the brace sliding down, we recommend that one wrap a pad on the leg below the hock brace. The pad stops the protective brace from sliding down which means that the brace's velcro strap does not need to be pulled so hard. This minimises any risk for stasis when the horse is lying down and bends the hook.

Size -

S - upper edge 37cm - lower edge 29 cm

M - upper edge 41cm - lower edge 32cm

L - upper edge 44cm - lower edge 36cm

XL - upper edge 47cm - lower edge 40cm

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Price: £39.00