Equ Streamz Fetlock band for horses (Set of 2)


EQU StreamZ fetlock bands were developed based on a scientific theory to provide a natural response to a variety of symptoms found with horses, introducing a new technique of magnetic therapy to the equine market –

Each pack contains two bands to be worn by one horse; comfortably wrapped around the cannon or pastern bone on either fore or hind legs and worn for a minimum of 8 hours per day. StreamZunique technology, although worn around the leg, 

EQU StreamZ magnetic horse bands contain a continuous strip of Streamz material, creating a 360º non invasive energy field around the horses leg.

360º MAGNETIC HORSE BANDS Traditional magnets have been used for many years to treat a variety of symptoms; with mixed success and limited clinical support. Disadvantages in using more traditional methods include the inability to leave them on for long periods of time or directly after competing or exercise. 

StreamZ non invasive magnetic horse bands introduce a new technique in how magnetism is deployed – 360º resonance technology.

This unique process creates no increase in temperature allowing the bands to be left on for long periods of time (24/7 and turnout if required) improving their impact whilst reducing ongoing managemeIMPORTANT WARNING: Advised to not be used on any horse diagnosed with a heart condition or horses with particularly sensitive skin. Some grey (white) haired horses have shown to be sensitive to the neoprene material. Horses who are regular ‘chewers’ should avoid wearing the product as warranty is void on any products showing damage. StreamZ will not be held responsible for any adverse reaction to the neoprene or offer a guarantee on the intended results. Please review our returns process if you are unsure or contact one of our team.


Price: £75.00

How to purchase: Product can only be purchased over the phone or in our shop.