Back on Track Mattress Overlay

Added: 11th February 2016

Back on Track Mattress Overlay

40% off RRP on the 90 x 200cm only.

Back On Track Mattress Overlay... A must for those weekends at shows on the lumpy caravan bed! Have you ever woken up ready to compete and feeling as stiff as a board? I know i have! This mattress overlay is the business! I have heard peope to use them on young children who struggle to sleep through too! Back On Track human products have good results for people with rheumatism: Whiplash injuries : computer/mouse arm/tension painsin the neck and back and other strains.The alleviation of pain and the increased wellbeing that Back On Tracks ceramic fabric gives may minimize the need for painkillers and other pain releif. BOT products are gently effective and have no side effects. Athletes have successfully used the products both to prevent injuries and to speed up recovery of already present injuries. It is very beneficial to use Back On Tracks products as part of a warm up session before performance or to insulate heat during exercise.Body heat is generated and spreads all of the body...try it yourself!

Was £80.90.... Now £49.99

While stocks last- this is a time limited offer


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