Be Safe. Be Seen

Added: 28th October 2015

With the dark nights drawing in, are you and your dog easily noticed when out on a walk?

Camddwr Canine Ltd have a few products to help out with that problem.....

Hurtta Llifeguard Collar

These collars will get you noticed in the darkest of conditions! Matching Hurtta harness and lead also available- these collars are soft, strong with neoprene padding. Multi reflective surface and high vis colours including PINK!


Hurtta Lifeguard Harness

OK all you pink junkies- heres one for you! Our best selling harness, now available in 3 amazing high viz colours- this harness is amazing, its comfort fit is renowned and its our best seller for a good reason! The fit ensures that the dog is balanced, and helps do discourage dogs who want to be on the forehand - easy to fit and to take off making it a true favourite for dog sports! Padded and covered in reflectors too!

Hurtta Polar Vest

  • Highly visible 3M-reflectors
  • Close-fitting model
  • Comfortable in use
  • Silent material
  • Elastic material

The Polar Vest is a soft and warm high-visibility vest that yields to the dog’s movement. This close-fitting model protects the dog’s rib cage and keeps it dry. The vest is made from rustle-free Softshell fabric with a laminated water-resistant Houndtex layer. The product is ideal for sporting activity, hunting and daily walks. The inherent warmth of the product does not recommend it for summer use. A tag around the neck has space for the owner’s telephone number

Hurtta Micro Vest

  • Highly visible 3M-reflectors
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable size
  • Houndtex -laminated material
  • Easy to use


Yellow, Pink,


The Micro Vest is an ultra-light, high-visibility vest ideal for sporting activity, hunting and daily walks. With its flexible adjustment mechanism at the front and on the underbelly section, the product is easy to fit and pleasant to use.

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