New FitPAWS comes to the UK

Added: 4th August 2014

FitPAWS  training balance and fitness equipment for Canine Athletes, show dogs and physiotherapy !

FitPAWS have a range of products to aid in building core strength and balance for dogs who compete in many disciplines and to aid in their early spatial and proprieception training.

Using weight shift, dogs can achieve high levels of flexibility and core strength that can most definitely support their fitness in the Agility Flyball and Obedience arena, indeed in all disciplines! In fact for the show dog,a greater core strength can present a very powerful physical difference to gait, top-line and overall muscular development

We hear frequently from experts and professional trainers the world over of the need to work in these areas and the benefit that core strength and improved balance and proprieception can have for the canine Athlete- it's also great fun, and there are so many shaping games that you and your dog can learn together.  We are really excited about this new partner, and hope you  and your dogs will enjoy these amazing products!

There is a whole range of equipment to provide varying functions and balance challenges for the Canine athlete-

from the very popular Peanut ball

Giant and Standard Balance discs

Wobble Boards

Doughnut balance pod

and much much more!

Each item comes with a DVD - AND we also have many resources here for use in groups and for foundation work with young dogs.

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