When it comes to Canine Fitness, DogTread is Changing the Game!

DogTread provides canine specific equipment and programs that enable dog professionals and dog owners to keep dogs fit, healthy and living longer. We do this by providing our customers with access to canine fitness programs, tools, and expertise that were all created for the unique way dogs move, think and learn.

DogTread helps its customers:

  • Create Winning Canine-Specific Fitness Programs for Home and Canine Facilities
  • Improve Canine Health Naturally
  • Implement Expert-designed Programs with Detailed Instruction
  • Understand Breed Specific Exercise Requirements and Limitations
  • Achieve Success

DogTread is not just another dog treadmill company. They study and design for optimal canine movement – to provide the best in dog conditioning and fitness.

Their dog treadmill was designed for the unique way dogs move, think and learn. In other words, they were specifically created for dogs and they address the finest details of canine movement and behavior.

The first Dog Treadmills were first designed as a tool for dogs to assist with farm chores. Nothing about them was designed for optimal canine movement or optimal fitness. High sides, steep incline and leash binding mechanisms held the dog in place until they finished their job.

DogTread created the first dog treadmill specifically designed to support optimal canine fitness movements the way nature intended. They first considered the source of quality movement. It comes from providing open, unrestricted pathways and positive motivation.  The result is an open platform that works with your dog’s natural movements.  All of their design features have been included for a purpose, and your dog benefits fully from each and every one of them.

They have continued our philosophy of optimal movement and extended it into additional Canine Fitness products. Now we provide all the tools you need to set up a Canine Gym of your own to target the four areas of canine conditioning for your canine athlete or companion pet(s).

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The DogTread can be combined with the FitPAWS and Klimb equipment, which is also available here at Camddwr Canine Ltd